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Changes for version 1.2

  1. The name of the current file being edited is now displayed in the title bar of the TKproE main window.
  2. Fixed the code to prevent the addition of extra blank lines at the end of certain saved procedures.
  3. Added some support for saving pure TCL megawidgets.
  4. The geometry management of paned window children is now saved.
  5. Fixed a few errors related to saving windows and tags for text widgets.
  6. The global variable window now sorts variable regardless of case.
  7. Increased the number of toplevel window attributes that are now saved. (almost all of them)
  8. Namespaces that existed at the start of TKproE are now preserved when loading a new project.
  9. The program now saves pack, place and grid propagate information.
  10. Added support for configuring BLT graph widgets. (Use the BLTgraph.tcl template to add the first graph to a project.)
  11. Added project type as a general option. TKproE will not attempt to save TK components for projects identified as “TCL only”.
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