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Changes for version 1.1

  1. Added support for the Tktable widget
  2. Added properties for gridder on properties form
  3. Added extensive library of icons that can be quickly incorporated into applications (Thanks to the libraries distributed by Adrian Davis in his ICONS package. See
  4. Added support for PostgreSQL. When specified by the TKproE general options dialog, TKproE will include the pgintcl library into your application. You can then use the pgintcl commands to access data from a PostgreSQL server.
  5. Corrected treatment of the file path separator character on command line under Windows
  6. TKproE now uses the auto-save directory stored in the configuration file.
  7. Adding a cascade item in the menu editor will now automatically create a new menu widget.
  8. The documentation has been extended by 25% and is now in PDF format.
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